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Frequently Asked Questions

What timings/schedules for a school day work best?

Solomon’s performances and follow on workshops run for 55 minutes each, they are intended to fit within a standard 60 minute lesson. REMEMBER – Plan time for students to arrive and be seated – especially large groups. We are flexible to handle shorter of longer lesson times.

Which space/venue can I use?

The hall is best but we also use drama halls, dance floors and sports halls. Consider the following;

  • A stage is good as it gives better sight lines and we would use one if available
  • Lighting helps students to engage more and if available a general wash with no state changes is used
  • Also think about sound acoustics

What are the preparations for a show?

It takes 30 minutes to setup for the performance which is why we arrive 40 minutes before the show start time. We allow 10 minutes to find contact, sign in and park the van for unloading. It takes 30 minutes to clear away after the performance, usually this is done in break time as the set is not need for workshops but if the hall space is required immediately after the performance please let us know so we can plan accordingly.

How do I book a performance and workshop for my school?

All booking can be made via:, this helps us to make direct contact with you and work out how many shows and workshops your school requires for the day. Please note that all shows are subject to a tour schedule time for the academic year, which can be found on each production pages. This is so we can perform specific shows to as many schools as possible. We will try to be a flexible as we can but sometimes tour schedule can’t always be changed or adapted so please take note of the term times for any show you require.


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