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Drink Spiking for Higher Education Students
Man Drugging Woman's Drink In Bar
Group of friends having drinks at the night club party. Young people enjoying at a bar toasting cocktails.

Aimed at Higher Education and University Students

Usual Tour Schedule: Autumn

All our shows can be offered as a standalone or with workshops proceeding the performance.

by Brooke Jones & Holly Kellingray
Key Messages:
  • Drink spiking
  • Relationships
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Law

It may have happened to you and you don’t even know. Spiked is based on the true story of Greg Mackie.Greg was a victim of drink spiking, the 18 year old was a student TV and media at university.

The sporty teen was at uni one evening when his drink was spiked. The story follows the events of that evening which led to a devastating and horrific outcome.

Was it deliberate? Was it a prank?

Students explore different avenues of this tragic story and gain the knowledge to deal with different situations of drink spiking.

In Association with Spiked UK
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