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Knife Crime and Gangs Education for KS4

Aimed at: Year 9, 10 and 11 Students

Usual Tour Schedule: Spring

All our shows can be offered as a standalone or with workshops proceeding the performance.

Skin Deep
by Mark Hyde & Angela Gilder
Key Messages:
  • Violence: protectionism and knife crime.
  • Danger of carrying a knife
  • Grooming and Exploitation: how gangs’ function and the consequences of membership.
  • County Lines

Denny’s home life is troubled. She is the daughter of a single parent mum who struggles with a drug addiction, meaning Denny is often left without money or food.  When Denny is groomed into a gang by an older man, it’s no surprise she’s easily influenced into doing what he wants.

Audiences witness as Denny begins carrying a knife for protection. Leading to a life changing event for Denny and those close to her. Based on true events, this hard-hitting show immediately connects with students through compelling dialogue and rap music.

Workshop leaders are trained and equipped to handle disclosures and signpost students.

Feedback from Our Latest Tour

Client Feedback

Having spoken to all our authorities that held an event, the overview is ‘excellent’ – excellent show, excellent actors and excellent organisation.

Trading Standards South East region

Excellent feedback, well worth the money spent and great harm reduction work. Has led to interesting and useful conversations amongst the students, which we hope will lead to more informed choices in the future.

West Berkshire Council

It’s essential that we are equipping young people to make informed decisions about their future career progression. ‘Choices’ is an excellent mechanism to get students thinking about their next steps in a fun and engaging way.

Southern Universities Network

5 years of continued support of Last Orders is so worthwhile. The company are so professional and are able to explore the dangers of alcohol within a safe environment that somehow manages to push the topic much further than I could. The message is delivered in a non-patronising and age appropriate way.

Thames Valley Police

The performance did more in 2-hours than we could possibly deliver in a class. Great show, great performance. I would complement your staff on their professionalism – both in terms of the show but also in respecting the schools’ ethos.

Community Safety Partnership Tour of Northern Ireland

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