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Power in the performance

Getting great theatre into education has alway been the driving force behind Solomon Theatre.

Founded in 2003, Solomon has continued to bring to life serious issues to young people through the use of great drama. Our PSHE productions focus on hard hitting story that address issues with drugs, alcohol, law, crime, gangs, relationships and sexual exploitation, as a way to communicate, educate and re-educate the severity to schools across the UK. We believe drama is a great medium to use to convey strong messages that promotes change, healthy schools and healthy lifestyle.

Collaboration is key so we work with our clients and our partners to give them the quality they deserve to make the most impact on the students. No project is too ambitious for us and we have a strong backing and belief in our incredible shows, and working with councils, police and teachers. This is so the sessions can be designed and adapted to your school and year group to promote lasting change in students and know where they can find help and feel supported.

Browse our productions to see if one of our shows would work well for your school, whether it’s PSHE days or just wanting to get across a hard hitting issue in your area, we have you covered.


Some of our Partnerships…

Client Feedback

Having spoken to all our authorities that held an event, the overview is ‘excellent’ – excellent show, excellent actors and excellent organisation.

Trading Standards South East region

Excellent feedback, well worth the money spent and great harm reduction work. Has led to interesting and useful conversations amongst the students, which we hope will lead to more informed choices in the future.

West Berkshire Council

It’s essential that we are equipping young people to make informed decisions about their future career progression. ‘Choices’ is an excellent mechanism to get students thinking about their next steps in a fun and engaging way.

Southern Universities Network

5 years of continued support of Last Orders is so worthwhile. The company are so professional and are able to explore the dangers of alcohol within a safe environment that somehow manages to push the topic much further than I could. The message is delivered in a non-patronising and age appropriate way.

Thames Valley Police

The performance did more in 2-hours than we could possibly deliver in a class. Great show, great performance. I would complement your staff on their professionalism – both in terms of the show but also in respecting the schools’ ethos.

Community Safety Partnership Tour of Northern Ireland

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