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What are the Benefits of Theatre in Education?


At the core, theatre immerses everyone, and we connect instantly with the drama that unfolds in front of us. It uses the 4 learning styles: visual, aural, verbal and physical. Not only does it help us develop personally in various learning styles, but it helps us to better engage with the people and the world around us. Theatre helps students to develop empathy, tolerance and social awareness, cooperation and collaboration with fellow students, communication and concentration skills.

Choices show    Choices rehersals


Theatre offers a personal connection and engagement for viewers and students unlike any other educational method. Drama presents itself as the most realistic form of education, this is due to the hard-hitting nature of stories that are often based on real life events. Students may see themselves directly within these stories, or see others, such as a friend or family member.  Seeing stories, that they are able to resonate with, play out in front of them, students are inspired to think more deeply about the issues raised and even learn how they can help others or themselves in a similar scenario.  Issues in society are all around us. Being upfront about them and shedding light on them can help students to learn and address the impact on themselves and the world around them rather than shy away from them.


The dramatic productional pieces with realistic and hard-hitting characters helps students to instantly recognises the good and bad qualities of personality. In regard to a Solomon production, each character is carefully crafted to allow students to personify different issues within the play. Looking at dominating to non-dominating figures, aggressive to passive aggressive characters is important in order to highlight the issues correctly. A majority of our shows include a multitude of different attitudes and characters, as we recognise every individual person has their own background and up- bringing. We have found that when these characters are presented in front of them, students often recognise elements of themselves or someone they know within them. This can be useful as it instigates a conversation for change.

      Skin Deep Feedback


The benefit of a workshop after a production is that students can ask questions about the issues that have just been presented to them, that they may not have otherwise asked. Students take away what they want from the production, but tend to be very inquisitive so it is beneficial for students have workshop proceeding the production as it allows them to ask the characters themselves why they have made certain decisions and get a different perspective to what causes people to behave in a certain way.. This allows students to think about their own views on the topics, and maybe even change their opinions.


The amazing thing about theatrical productions are the lasting impact they have. We believe the more we address the tricky and often taboo topics via our shows, the more we may instigate a much-needed turning point for students. Whether they view the story as being right or wrong, or whether it encourages them to seek help or offer a friend help. This is  how we know that we’ve had an important impact on students in a way that they may not have even noticed themselves.

Choices performance at school       

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Client Feedback

Having spoken to all our authorities that held an event, the overview is ‘excellent’ – excellent show, excellent actors and excellent organisation.

Trading Standards South East region

Excellent feedback, well worth the money spent and great harm reduction work. Has led to interesting and useful conversations amongst the students, which we hope will lead to more informed choices in the future.

West Berkshire Council

It’s essential that we are equipping young people to make informed decisions about their future career progression. ‘Choices’ is an excellent mechanism to get students thinking about their next steps in a fun and engaging way.

Southern Universities Network

5 years of continued support of Last Orders is so worthwhile. The company are so professional and are able to explore the dangers of alcohol within a safe environment that somehow manages to push the topic much further than I could. The message is delivered in a non-patronising and age appropriate way.

Thames Valley Police

The performance did more in 2-hours than we could possibly deliver in a class. Great show, great performance. I would complement your staff on their professionalism – both in terms of the show but also in respecting the schools’ ethos.

Community Safety Partnership Tour of Northern Ireland

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