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We can’t quite believe it but this Summer will be a first for us with 3 NEW shows heading out on tour. Our collaboration with people who have had given Solomon life, have helped us to achieve 3 new play to take in to schools and help with PSHE. We are also very pleased to offer a Key stage 2 show as previous shows have not focused on such age group. We see that the demand for such shows is needed and have adapt an age appropriate alternative to one of our best show’s ‘Skin Deep’.

‘Safe’ written by Mark Hyde is a story about the dangers of carrying a knife, intimidation, bullying and friendship, it shows a story of a scared boy falling into a trap of carrying a knife for protection and the consequence of bring one to school.

‘Human’ is a strong social media play written by Brooke Jones and Holly Kellingray in collaboration with Hooked Theatre. Every corner we turn we are bombarded by ideals, but what is the real ideal, the real deal? The show engages with student through issues such as; the pressures of social media, self esteem, confidence, consent for taking videos and photos of others and alcohol abuse.

‘Time Out’ is also another collaboration with Hooked Theatre, it is a drug education play and follows Tom as he navigates the world of being a teenager, school, pressure of home life and overall affect it has on his mental health.

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